Its cuisine preserves the essence of those who inhabit La Gomera and their ways of life. Thus, the cheese, the almogrote, the “mojos”, the sweets, the “gofio”, the wine of the honey of palm, are contributing the original and surprising flavors of the island´s kitchen.

All these products of traditional character, whose origin is lost in time, nowadays are produced on the island by small companies that are helping to maintain the different agricultural landscapes.

The excellence of the sea that surrounds the island, its particular crops and its own ways are the ingredients of its simple and tasty cuisine.

We show you the best establishments in the region, where you can enjoy a typical cuisine.

Tavern Bar Lounge Telémaco

Sabores Gomeros

Bar Terrace Pedro

Bar Restaurant Las Chácaras

Restaurant La Zula

Restaurant El Silbo

Restaurant El Mantillo

Restaurant El Faro

Bar Don Juan

Pastry "Carmita"