WHAT TO DO in this corner of the Atlantic.

The north side of La Gomera is a charming place, Agulo and Hermigua, a place where you will find countless wonderful people for which you will want to stay for the rest of your life.

Far from clichés, it is a region that transmits magic from its beautiful mountains to its blue coasts.

A place where getting lost is mandatory and where the word “tranquility” gives meaning to its corners every day. But if you are a person who loves adventure, you can also lose yourself in its paths and swim or fish in its calm coasts.

We present some of the best places in the region to enjoy your visit to La Gomera.

Salon Juampe

Los Telares Ethnographic Park

Florist Laurisilva

Canarias Aloe Vera Land

Autos Mulagua