Our team.

We are AEN, Association of Entrepreneurs of the North of La Gomera. This Association is based on the active participation of all its associates, and we believe that is necessary to continue adding all the entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Currently, AEN is formed by more than 20 partners, founded in 2013, our main objective is to represent the companies and professionals of the municipalities of the north of La Gomera, defending their interests.

These are the MAIN PURPOSES of our Association:

– Unify efforts and ideas.
– Solve common problems that affect everyone.
– Promote the north of La Gomera.
– Improve and preserve the environment and landscape.
– Give visibility to companies within their municipality, La Gomera and the Canary Islands.
– Represent entrepreneurs and defend their interests.
– Share knowledge and collaborate among the associated companies.
– Look for grants for the activities of the Association.

You can follow us on our Facebook page or send us an email at: