Pastry shop “Carmita”

One of the greatest treasures of the Island of La Gomera are its tasty biscuits. Elaborated in an artisanal way, they constitute an explosion of flavor for all kinds of palates that you can find at Carmita sweets shop.

The flagship product is the Gomera biscuit, one of the best-kept secrets of the Colombina island. With fig flavor and elaborated with great attention and taking care of every detail in its production with natural products. You can also find curd, coconut, almond, “bilana” and “rosina” cakes or the gomero milk buns.

To accompany this unique product, you can buy wines of the island and liquors such as Gomerón and Mistela. For all these reasons, it constitutes a mandatory visit according to the experts in this field.

Pastry shop "Carmita"

Street General, 91B, 38829 Hermigua.
La Gomera, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Monday to Saturday: 8am - 9pm
Sunday: Closed