Discover the magic of an ecosystem dating from the Tertiary Era between water and mists of the great natural treasure of La Gomera. The Garajonay National Park stands out for being the main and greatest reference of the Canarian Laurisilva.

The park is named after top of Garajonay, the highest point of the island with 1,487 m. The minimum level of the park is 650 m, in the homestead of El Cedro. It declares that it lodges the best well-known sample in the Old World of laurisilva, a humid forest of varied species of perennial leaf that in the Tertiary period was covering practically all Europe.

The laurel forest of Garajonay concentrates half of the mature arboreal extension of this type of vegetation throughout the archipelago, under optimal conservation conditions, which has made it a natural attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Its forests of trees similar to the laurel, leafy and of an intense green, crown the steep center of the island. Laurisilva, abundant millions of years ago, is now found in very few places in the world, in this case, with almost 4,000 hectares of ravines with streams and steep ridges.

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