• A balcony with a sea view.

    A unique place where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Teide from the island of Tenerife.

  • The best climate in the world.

    A privileged space where green landscapes play with the blue of the sea.

  • Discover its charm.

    It is one of the Canary Islands that once you step on its lands, incircles you in its magic.

  • Garajonay National Park

    It stands out for being the main and greatest exponent of the Canarian Laurisilva.

Hermigua It is a mandatory stop on our visit to La Gomera, to understand the past, the present and the future of the gomeros, today with an excellent Ethnographic Museum, with an access to the walking trails and Gofio Museum, where you can learn about the gastronomic customs of the inhabitants of the island.

Agulo stands out for being a point of reference that connects with a network of walking trails, in which you get lost and rediscover your childhood.

Its natural and picturesque landscapes, have transformed it into a reference for thousands of tourists that seek to escape from the routine of the city enjoying a healthy and peaceful environment.

Garajonay National Park and its forests of trees similar to the laurel, leafy and of an intense green, crown the steep center of the island. Laurisilva forest, abundant millions of years ago, is now found in very few places in the world, in this case, with almost 4,000 hectares of ravines with streams and steep edges.

La Gomera was the last territory touched by Christopher Columbus before arriving in America on his expedition of discovery in 1492: for this reason, it is also known as the “Colombina Island”.

Discover the charm of the locals and get lost in the different towns of the island, it becomes a “Must” for all visitors who are attracted by the allure of the green island.

WHERE TO EAT and enjoy the best local cuisine.

We show you the best establishments in the region, where you can try a typical cuisine.

Tavern Bar Lounge Telémaco

Sabores Gomeros

Bar Terrace Pedro

Bar Restaurant Las Chácaras

Restaurant La Zula

Restaurant El Silbo

Restaurant El Mantillo

Restaurant El Faro

Bar Don Juan

Pastry shop "Carmita"

WHAT TO DO in this corner of the Atlantic.

We present you some of the best places in the region to enjoy your visit to this corner of the Atlantic.

Autos Mulagua

Los Telares Ethnographic Park

Florist Laurisilva

Salon Juampe

Canarias Aloe Vera Land

We recommend you the best places for ACCOMMODATION.

Rural House Sofia

Apartaments Los Telares

Rural House La Punta

Rural House Finca Santa Catalina

Vacation Homes Finca La Era

Rural House El Silbo

Rural Hotel Casa Lugo

Apartaments Casa Diversa

Casa Creativa